IPA chart

IPA printable chart,IPA chart serves as a visual aid that helps us understand and navigate the International Phonetic Alphabet. It provides a reference for the symbols, categorizes sounds based on their articulation, facilitates cross-linguistic comparisons, assists with pronunciation guidance, and supports linguistic analysis. Utilizing an IPA chart can enhance our understanding of the complex world of speech sounds and phonetics.

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Letter Pronunciation
ʌ up
æ cat
ɑ father
ɒ lot
ə about
ɛ bed
ɜ bird
ɪ sit
i see
u boot
e bait
o boat
ɔ ball
ɔɪ boy
ʊ book
aɪər fire
aʊər hour
ɪər near
ɛər square
ɔər more
j yes