IPA symbols Chart

the IPA allows for precise comparisons between languages. By transcribing words from different languages into IPA symbols, linguists can identify similarities and differences in pronunciation. This aids in understanding language families, historical sound changes, and dialectal variations.

IPA Symbol Description
ʈ Voiceless retroflex plosive
ɖ Voiced retroflex plosive
ɳ Voiced retroflex nasal
ɭ Voiced retroflex lateral approximant
ʂ Voiceless retroflex sibilant
ʐ Voiced retroflex sibilant
ɻ Voiced retroflex approximant
ɲ Voiced palatal nasal
ç Voiceless palatal fricative
ʝ Voiced palatal fricative
ʎ Voiced palatal lateral approximant
ɸ Voiceless bilabial fricative
β Voiced bilabial fricative
θ Voiceless dental fricative
ð Voiced dental fricative
ʃ Voiceless postalveolar fricative
ʒ Voiced postalveolar fricative
χ Voiceless uvular fricative
ʁ Voiced uvular fricative
ħ Voiceless pharyngeal fricative
ʕ Voiced pharyngeal fricative